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The Busy Moms Kitchen

Aug 6, 2020

COVID COVID go away. I would like to...ummm, what can I rhyme with that? Either way, I am sharing my knowledge on meal planning with you today. After about 8 years with Super Healthy Kids, curating recipes and planning planning for hundreds, actually thousands, of members each and every week I consider myself and expert. 

There truly are many ways to meal plan and I hope to help you find your personal sweet spot. Today I am going to show you a pretty thorough way how I teach clients to meal plan by simply using paper. 

In the video version of this podcast you can see the printed sheets I am using. Although they are not the only ones I use, because everyone is different, you can reach out to me on the website and I can send a copy to you! 

There is also a great blog post explaining these steps if reading about it is better for you. You can find that post here

I hope you find this helpful and that you and your family are well! XO

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